Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Verizon Phones: Texting Crave

Many teenagers are adopting text messaging as the new popular thing to do. Having just a cell phone is becoming a thing of the past. Now people send a quick text message to friends, when they are in class, the movies, or even driving.
Pictured above are two phones each for Verizon customers, the Samsung U740 SCH-U740 (pictured left), and the Motorola Krzr (pictured right). These two phones are designed completely differently. The Samsung phone, opens two different ways, and features a keypad that looks as if it was designed for the ease of texting. The Motorola phone, only opens one way, and appears to be the more traditional flip phone.

From personal experience, the Samsung phone can be quicker for texting, if you are use to it a lot, however it has a flaw of only holding a little over 100 text messages. Where as the Motorola phone, without the texting keyboard, can hold well over 1000 text messages. This doesn't make sense when looking at the design of the phone, for the fact that the design of the phone implies that it would be mainly for texting. Which is why making the Samsung phone to only hold 100 text messages doesn't make any sense. Especially when it is known that a phone can hold well over 1000, such as the Krzr. So, I just don't see why Samsung would make a half-assed phone such as the Samsung U740.

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shanaynay said...

I just got the U740 and i totally agree with you on the message storage, but the phone is still impressive for its size. Hopefully somone will find a way to hack or even a patch he phone in the near future.