Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So over the weekend I had the chance to go home and visit some high school friends. One of them that I have known for a long time reminded me of a game he got me hooked on for a while called Gunbound.

The beauty of this game is trifold. First off its simple to play. Second, its multiplayer. But best of all its free!

The idea of the game is indeed simple. You take turns with other players moving around shooting each other. The whole game is in 2D, so the way a player shoots is by choosing and angle and picking how much power to put behind it. The beauty of the game play is that while it is simple to start, it takes time and skill to become a true pro.

When making shots, wind is a big factor, and it tends to change... a lot. Other than wind, you have different vehicles which you use to shoot and move with. Each vehicle has different types of shots, different amounts of armor, and certain shots/vehicles which it is especially weak to. Also, the turn order is based on delay. Delay is increased by more powerful shots and taking a lot of time during your turn. Oh yeah. You only have 20 seconds to take your turn, so think fast.

During each game you can earn gold and GP, which is basically reputation or experience, however you want to look at it. The more GP a player gains, the higher their rating will be. Also, gold can be used to buy items for your avatar. Items not only make you look unique, but they add certain stats to your vehicle, and players will stack stats that reflect their style of game play. A quick note however, you have to make sure you play in a zone that is designated "Avatar On" for these stats to actually work in battle.

Now its time to stop rambling and actually get you to try the game yourself. First you will need to download and install the game. Once it is installed, go here and create an account. Just remember you don't actually have to put in real information to play the game. Next you have to create a Game ID. Go here (that is the site you'll be sent to every time you click the game's desktop icon), log on using the User ID you just made, and look for this button:

Click on it, follow the steps, and make a Game ID. This Game ID will be the name that shows up for your character when you actually play the game. Finally go back here again and click the large "Play Live" button. It will probably install different crap needed to play the game for the first couple times you click it, but just keep pressing "Play Live" until you get a window that says "Start" and actually starts the game.

Well there you go. I hope some of you actually try this game and enjoy it. ^_^


Cute-lil'-Yaris said...

This game was very popular a few years back, I believe it still is. My friends and I started to lose interest when people started hacking the game. It's probably better now, but meh... once you lose interest, it's over.

From what I remember, the characters can be really cute, and the vehicles you choose are also cute too! I'd recommend this game for recreational gaming, but prepare to get frustrated since you need to wait for your turn and people with slow PCs and internet can make the game extremely long.

Kollbjorn said...

Ha ha, ZOMG! Gunbound players! It seems pretty rare that I meet someone who even knows what it is. I played it when I went home for a few days because I couldn't get CS to work. It's a pretty addictive little game. I played it for a couple months when my friend first introduced it to me. I got pretty good at it, but what happens is if your rating gets high enough, the game won't let you play in the beginner room anymore. Maybe 6000 people play the game, and at least 4500 of them play in the beginner room, so if your rating gets too high it's hard to find people to play. That's about when I quit. I wasn't hardcore enough to make more accounts like my friend did.