Thursday, December 6, 2007

Two Worlds: Challenging Oblivions Domination of the RPG World?

For a long time, Bethseda has held control of having the best single player RPG (role playing game) on xbox 360 as well as one of the best RPG's on computer. Finally a game has came along to at least put up a challenge.

Recently, I saw a game in best buy on the xbox 360 shelf. The case caught my eye so I looked into it a little further. The name was Two Worlds. Reading the back I come to find out this is a new game, very simillar to the Elder of the Scrolls: Oblivion. But wait...why would a company just make an identical game of Oblivion. Exactly. They wouldn't. So what sets Two Worlds apart? Aside from completely different storyline, Two Worlds has created an online multiplayer part of the game. Their multiplayer allows players to play in a room of 8 online to complete the storyline. It also has an online feature where you can duel other players.

Having played multiple RPGs, this pulls from my memory in two different places. The first place being Elder of the Scrolls for the vast majority of the gameplay and setup of the game. The second place being Diablo II for the multiplayer world of 8 players playing together in a free online game. Two Worlds perhaps is working to create a game combining the best "Two Worlds" of RPGs, Oblivion and Diablo II.

Pushing this type of gameplay, of course comes with some flaws in the beginning, such as online lag time. As well as, rough places in the game needing to be smoothed out. But given time, this game will become one of the greatest RPGs and will be on the same level of the Legendary games such as Diablo II and The Elder Scrolls Series.

Uncanny Valley

I was reading articles for my annotated bibliography, and I cam across one about androids. (Ishiguro, Hiroshi. "Interactive Humanoids and Androids as Ideal Interfaces for Humans." 2006 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (2006): 2-9.) I looked at some of the pictures, and my first thought: "That's creepy."

Appropriately, those pictures were in the section about the so-called "uncanny valley". The uncanny valley refers to the feeling of revulsion when you see something that's almost, but not quite, human.

The idea behind the uncanny valley is that when you look at something obviously inhuman, the slight human-like characteristics stand out, and so you empathize with it. But when it becomes sufficiently human-like, the non-human characteristics stand out, creating a feeling of revulsion.

Interestingly, I've heard people refer to the uncanny valley when talking about the movie Beowulf, which is done entirely with CGI. Personally, I think they did a really good job making the humans look human, and there are few scenes where it really sticks out.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh the Memories

Over look at Tech Connections

and The Knowledge I Have Gained

So yea, I'll be honest, as fun as this weblogging has been for me, I have a strong feeling that I won't be keeping up my blog post after this semester has ended. I doubt I will be missed, but it was a lot of fun. I have learned a lot from this blogging experience, from learning how to write in html and how to make web pages and weblogs, to learning of all the new inventions and gadgets produced because of the exponential rate at which technology is growing and advancing.

Some of the things that I have learned as I read my fellow bloggers is the new advancements in games. I love how well video games systems have both created better versions of old games, showing some classic view of game making, while also coming out with new ideas and innovations with graphics and controls to create a new environment to play in. I love learning and revisiting old games that old bloggers have wrote about, such as Golden Sun or Super Smash Brothers.

I have also learned a great deal about computers and the Internet. I have read some good articles about piracy and music downloads, to the plethora of information that can be found through Wikipedia. I have found articles about cell phones and power that runs through them. There are articles I have come across that teach of AI advancements and robots of the future. There are articles out there about our every increasing need of new fuel sources and advancement with power efficiency. So many talk about the advancements of gadgets and everyday items.

Lastly I was able to see how far we have come in regards to how far along we were 100, 50, 20, and even 5 years ago. So many, including myself, have written about how far along technology has come and how fast the growth has come. From communication through phones and the internet to advancements in biology, chemistry, and science itself. What people envisioned the "future" to be 50 years ago is an understatement of what is here today.

Over all technology is a good thing. It challenges mankind to fix problems of the past and to solve problems that come about. It keeps people happy and makes lives for people easier. It helps the sick, the poor, the young, the old. Technology betters everyone. Does that mean everyone has to love technology? No, this is my bias opinion and I'm not preaching to the choir or anything. Just stating that without technology we would not be in such a great state if we didn't expand our knowledge and continue to push the limit.

Thanks everyone for reading, it has been a pleasure writing on this blog. I hope the best for all of you in the future and hope that technology continues to better your lives.

Peace out Michael!