Friday, October 12, 2007

Photos Gone Digital and Portable

So I was just sitting on my futon today, watching some TV when a unique commercial came on that I had never seen before. It was advertising this little device called Wallet Pix. I found the product kind of silly and pointless, but then I thought to what are English teacher asked us in this blog, “How does technology make life easier?...” His question really didn’t directly spark my idea for this blog and its connection to this Wallet Pix, but just from recalling what I know and looking around on the internet, I have found a lot of these little photo albums that are purely digital. The evolution of the photo in terms of technology has really taken many forms.

I find that more and more products are adding picture storage as a feature. First it was the phone, which is one of the most used products used in today’s world, added the quick pic to their bells and whistles, storing and taking pictures to save and send at will. Now they are in I-pods, computers obviously, gaming systems, and many other random items, including these weird Wallet Pix, where the photos are solely the use of the merchandise.

Now grant it, they still have newer and better digital cameras coming out, but I find it more convenient to go buy something else that has a camera on it because the new cameras are expensive, but I am bias because I am not a photographer or even take pictures for sport. But then again most professional photographers still use film as oppose to digital memory and editing software, referencing my uncle who happens to take professional photos for weddings and other such occasions.

Anyways, to stay on track, there is a clear argument that photos are being stored as digital memory everywhere. It is certainly helpful and easier to whip out a small handheld photo album then going up to the attic to get grandma’s 20 lbs album with photos of her wedding and her children’s baby pictures. The help of digital photo editors help create better quality pictures and a place to properly sort and store pictures. That’s all I have to say about this, sorry for the improper writing and lack of a point, just thought you would want to hear about the Wallet Pix!

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