Saturday, October 13, 2007

How Cellphones Have Decreased Human Memory

How many times have you been broken down along side the road with your cellphone dead? Ok, this hasn't actually happened to me, but what about the times when I just need a ride. I whip out my cellphone and quickly realize its dead. And thats when I start to panic. Why, do you ask?

I don't know anyone's number anymore.

There was a time when you had to memorize everyone's number, or you had a phone book. Nowadays, cellphones have this wonderful built in feature that enables them to remember all the phone numbers you'll ever need to know. At first, I thought this was a great idea but now I'm starting to wonder. The other day, I went home for the weekend and my cellphone died before I could make it on the train to Kansas City. Unfortunately, I didn't have my dad's cellphone number memorized and I couldn't call him even though plenty of people offered to let me borrow their phone.

Another thing that cellphones have ruined is privacy.

There was another time when I could go into my room and just read a book. Now, I have to be listening to music, watching Heroes off the internet, talking to my boyfriend and reading a book at the same time because anything less would be socially unacceptable.

Lastly, cellphones have become a new fashion statement.

I'm almost embarrassed by my chunky phone. It's got a lot of meat on it compared to the super thin cellphones. It also doesn't have a fold out keyboard or a great camera in it.

Overall, cellphones have been somewhat of a good addition to our lives. We are never alone, even when we want to be, and we don't have to be bothered with pesky phone numbers anymore. I think it's a fair trade though.

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Tech man said...

It's not that people ever really had to memorize everyone's number, they just had to write it down. The cell phone simply replaced the pen and the paper. Which turns out to be wonderful, seeing as it is easier to carry around a small phone, instead of a notebook, a pen, and a pocket full of quarters.