Monday, October 8, 2007

Don't Forget to Feed the Vacuum

At home, I have two wonderful cats named Ruby and Collin. They don’t get along well with each other but they are friendly to me. I miss having them curl up in my lap and letting me pet them for hours.

I can’t imagine having a vacuum cleaner curl up in my lap to do the same thing.

I’m sure you have all heard of the Roomba. It’s a little robotic vacuum cleaner that vacuums the house on its own. People who own Roombas have started doing the most interesting things with their gadgets. Some have started dressing up their vacuum cleaner like it’s a small, hairless dog. Other people hang over their Roomba’s every call and cry and have even redesigned their homes to make it easier for their gadget to get around.

I’m a little worried about humanity right now. It’s a little crazy that people dress up dogs, let alone vacuum cleaners. And I don’t think it’s a good idea to design a whole house around a gadget. I thought that we would be able to use technology without becoming so attached to it that we start treating it like a living thing. I guess I was wrong.

I only hope that we don’t start loving technology more that we love living things.

(And I wonder if any of the Roomba’s owner’s dogs are jealous.)

Thanks CNN for the content and MyRoomBud for the picture.

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chicken pot guy said...

That sounds crazy (moving your house around to help out a robot vacuum), but I sort of understand. If I purchased a vacuum to clean my house that was automated like the roomba, then I would certainly want my money's worth. I do agree that it might be a little obsessive for some people to be so attached though! I would wonder if the animals try to play with the roomba or are jealous too.