Saturday, October 13, 2007

Verizon Krzr Review: Problems and Solutions

Personally I own a Verizon Krzr. This has been the best phone that I have ever seen. I rank it number 1 in almost every category. The phone has a great capacity for text messaging, as far as sending and recieving memory. The buttons on the phone are big enough to make it easy for anyone to text with speed and accuracy. The phone has good reception almost anywhere you travel. The only partial downfall with the Krzr is that it may seem a little long for some people and maybe a little thick for some people. However I would say that the phone being a little bigger is worth it, seeing that it has such a great memory capacity.

One problem I have seen with the Krzr is a really bad glitch if the phones text message capacity is pushed to its fullest. The phone does hold over one thousand combined text messages of inbox and sent. The more text messages on the phone, the more lag time you will experience with your phone. Once the phone has around or about 1100 text messages the lag time in your phone processing is really easy to notice. Eventually, if you let your text messages accumulate more and more the screen will turn black, your phone loses service, and then the phone freezes. Once your phone gets to this point, there isn't really anything you can do to fix it, except take it to a verizon store and hope it is still under waranty.

The solution to this problem, with this phone or any phone is a relatively easy solution. Simply don't let your phones text messages accumulate this much. You need to know your phone and it's capabilities.

One other little piece of information that most people don't know is that you can update the service towers that your phone recognizes. To do this with verizon phones you call *228 and then follow the instructions. It is recommended that you do this every couple of months, because verizon is always growing and expanding their areas of coverage.

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