Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Favorite Place

There are tons of libraries on Purdue's campus. I spend so much time in them too because I don't live on campus and it is a pain to take a bus to my car every time I want to leave to go home. And they are one of my favorite places to be.

There is just something about libraries that makes me want to study. My favorite library in the Potter Engineering building at Purdue. There are comfy chairs I go sit in to study or sometimes nap in.

Unfortunately, there has been some talk of libraries being obsolete. Now I think that's just crazy talk.

Though, I can see how people who say that may have a small point. The internet has replaced the library's function of being the place to get information. It's also a lot more convenient to use the internet instead of the library.

But the library also serves other functions. The internet doesn't have actual human beings helping you find information. It also isn't a place you can go to study or sleep. The internet can't give that personal connection and it is more work to find credible information sometimes that it is in a library.

Like I said before, there's just something about libraries that I like. And there is nothing like curling up with a real book to read.

So let us all rally around the library and help keep it around.

Thanks University of California's Psych Services for the picture.

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Pylon said...

I’m in agreement! I work in one of the libraries on campus (if you have work study, this is HIGHLY recommended!) I go to work, and I really just get paid to sit there and do my homework. Even though its just the Physics library (which most people don’t even know exists), it’s a good place for a study session, alone or in a group. Reference materials and textbooks are around, and if you’re studying anything physics-related, there’s usually a grad student around. I’ve found that they’re really useful and usually pretty nice about helping to explain things. I met my math study buddy at a library on campus, when we were both studying for a test.

Before college, I used to classify libraries as sort of a nerd hub. To some extent, for those people who are truly disappointed when the libraries close on Friday nights and they’re kicked out of their home- away- from- home, it is. However, when I have a few hours to kill on campus, libraries are the first place I go to, and not just for the computers. A lot of work can get done in an hour in a library, mostly because they provide the least distraction. They’re a safe haven for the easily-distracted like me, which is a reason why the internet will never really replace libraries.

Ultimately, the best aspect of libraries is the prospect of a good book (yeah, yell “Dork!” if you like, but you know you like a good book as much as the next person).