Friday, October 19, 2007

Active Video Games

I remember going to arcades when I was younger. It was always really fun to play shooting games and driving games. I really liked those flight simulator games, but I didn't play them often because they were bulky and difficult.

So, it's nice that people have thought of a new way to bring the activity out of weird fitting helmet.

The Nintendo Wii is an awesome gaming machine, though I know that my blogmates may shun me now for saying that.

The reason I like the Wii is that it's how I feel that I should play video games. I am very active when it comes to playing video games. I remember turning the controller and jerking it every which way because that somehow made the computer car turn better. I even pulled the Nintendo (The original . . . and now I feel old) out of the wall once. It was only a matter of time before they came up with a system where jerking and turning the controller DID make the car turn better.

Another reason is Mario Party. Old Mario Party was fun, but this is so much better. The minigames, which were a little lame before, now have a whole new meaning. There's one minigame called Flagger. You shake the Wii remote, Wiimote for short, like crazy to win. There's also point and click games, as well as the game that I was waiting for, a game that responds to turning the Wiimote.

All in all, I definitely recommend owning one, or at least playing one. It may not have any of the hardcore, Halo type games but it is still really fun.

Thanks Smfoo for the picture.

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