Thursday, October 18, 2007

EA Sports: Superstar Mode 08

Throughout the past few years EA Sports has been perfecting a game mode in madden called Superstar mode. Superstar mode is a game mode where you basically take control of one person on the team and you only play with him throughout the season and the players career. This year EA might have actually perfected superstar mode enough to be considered perfect in some peoples minds. EA has adapted the Superstar mode to NCAA, which means you can play as one character through college, and then import your character to madden and play with him through his career. This makes it seem more like you are your character, for those who like to mainly be just one player, instead of the entire team. It also makes the game a bigger challenge, because you can only control one player.

EA 08 has also brought us a Superstar mode in FIFA. This is a new addition that has never been seen in FIFA before. NHL 08 lets you play as just the goalie through a game as well. All of these new additions are why EA Sports is number 1 as far as sport video games go. The creative capacity and the money put in to these games has been completely unrivaled in many past years, and most likely many years to come.

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