Saturday, October 20, 2007


So, I was recently playing around on my computer, with windows media player. I remembered something me and my friends used to do. We edited the speeds of the songs to make the songs sound either slower or faster, which made the music a lot better and funner to listen to.

I started out listening to some of my favorite songs on windows media player, when my roommate came in and told me about a program called Audacity, where you can edit songs almost any way you want to. I was thinking that this would make the songs even funner to listen to. Some of the features include inverting sounds, making it play the song or section of the song backwards. You can also manipulate sounds and songs, which can be put into almost any format, to play on any audio player. You can also use this to make commercials, as well as splice the songs to make your own ring tones to send them to your phone.

As you can see the limits to Audacity are almost limitless, and you can use it for many fun or serious things you may want to do.

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shanaynay said...

I totally agree with you about Audacity. It is limitless, and for being open source its pretty amazing. I use it all the time in audio production of all sorts. It also has an optional VST enabler which means its basically a simpler form of most of the mainstream DAW's (Digital Audio Workstation) like FL Studio for example. Audacity is also a good example of how mass collaboration is effecting the internet. It can potentially grow and put companies like FL Studio who charge about $400 for their software out of business. Not that anyone actually buys FL Studio anyways... Ha!