Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Links on the Side ------>

Ok, so this post isn't exactly gonna be like my others. For a while now I've wanted to post some links on the side of the blog, but I don't wanna just do it without some explanation.

The first one is Penny Arcade. On the surface this site is nothing more than a webcomic about video games that sometimes makes no sense. However, each comic is accompanied by a blog that will explain the more confusing jokes, and more often than not they post reviews of games that developers send them.

A second webcomic is VG Cats. This one isn't updated as much and the real purpose of the site is just to provide a funny comic rather than daily blogs like Penny Arcade.

This next one is a little more for RPG players. The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés as it is called is exactly as the title implies. It takes the most common plots and ideas from well known and not so well known RPGs. I will warn you though that unless you've played or heard quite a bit about RPGs, the list will make no sense, and a lot of ironic truths will be lost on you.

With the theme of RPGs is yet another webcomic... I promise they will stop. This one is Looking For Group. My take on the comic is that the races and classes of the characters are loosely based off of World of Warcraft and other than that the story is completely its own. The undead warlock Richard is my favorite.

Now I'm sure you've all heard of Super Mario 64. Well how about someone beating it in 16 from the time they turn on the N64? Well here is a link to a video of a guy doing just that. Of course I will tell you he used as many glitches as he could but its still impressive as hell.

My final link for this post is Curse Gaming. This is a site for MMORPG games for the PC. It provides user interfaces (UIs) and addons and most of the good addons are updated regularly to stay compatible with patches. Throughout 2 or so years I played World of Warcraft, I always turned to this site for my addon needs.

Well now you have some idea of what these otherwise random links are and I hope some of you find them helpful or entertaining.

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