Monday, September 24, 2007

Microsoft: Saying Show Me The Money?

As many people know, Microsoft is releasing Halo 3 at midnight on Tuesday. This is a huge moment for Microsoft, considering how well the Halo series has been doing. The Halo series first started with Halo: Combat Evolved released on November 15, 2001. This sparked a Halo crave all across the globe, which has evolved and expanded in the past 6 years to the universe of online gaming.

Microsoft brought in 125 million dollars in the first day of release of Halo 2. Can Microsoft expect to bring in this much with the release of Halo 3? Brokerage Wedbush Morgan of Msn's tech and gadgets blog says Microsoft could sell 3 million copies in the product's first 12 days.

Perhaps Halo 3 may not profit as much from the actual game. But that might not be where Microsoft is expecting to make the majority of their profit. Wedbush Morgan also predicts that because of Halo 3, Microsoft might sell 400,000 consoles for September. This would be an incredible opportunity for Microsoft to make a lot of money. However, this all depends on how accurate their predictions have been, and if Halo 3 will have as big of an impact as they expect.

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bucket of calculators said...

I'm not going to lie; I am a huge Halo fan. I played the Halo 3 beta before the game was released, and I found it to be a lot better than two. I still love the first two, but I can't wait to play the final game in the series. It has a lot of new gadgets and I'm sure the plot, finalizing the Halo trilogy, will be good. I hope Microsoft does make a huge profit, because they really know what their audience wants. The only thought I have of why they won't create large revenue from strictly the game sales is because even with all the upgrades, it is still very similar to Halo 2, at least at face value. New gamers why not see the differences that 3 has over 2, so aren’t they may not seem as interested. The same could go for the hardcore gamers. They may find it to be a flop; that it didn’t live up to its expectations. If a large group of loyal fans fail to approve of the new addition to the Halo saga, then they will preach it to everyone. Nevertheless, the game will do well, new games always do. I am always pulling for them. I can’t wait to play it. I may end up posting another comment when I do indeed get my own experience of the game in my veins. Good article.