Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Glitches, Bending the Rules to Your Favor

I am a huge fan of video games. I like any kind, ranging from your classic first person shooters, adventures, role playing games, and even the multi-player party games. I was playing the classic Nintendo Game Cube game Super Smash Brothers Melee with my friend the other day, and he showed me all of these really random but really cool glitches that the game can encounter. I was amazed at the simple little things I never knew existed in SSBM.

First, I'd like to tangent my entry by stating how fun glitches are. There is a difference between a cheat in a game and a glitch. Sometimes glitches are just as intentional as cheats when the game makers create each game, but usually the glitches are found by hardcore gamers who love to investigate the capabilities and possibilities of games. In any rate, glitches are always fun to come upon and hear from others. I always feel like I'm super intelligent and important, feeling as if I know the secrets to the White House or CIA. Some glitches are simple little things. Such as falling through floors into nothing, such as in Mario Kart 64 when you are racing some of the raceways. Others are more complicating, such as the one my friend recently showed me.

This cheat in SSBM is what I call the "Raddish of Infinite Damage". This takes at least three people. Have two of the players be Fox and or Falco. One player must also be Peach. Peach and one of the Fox/Falco's must be on the same team against the other player(s). Go to either the Battle Field arena or the Hyrule Castle to do this. Make sure you have the beam cannon as one of your items. Once you enter the game, my explanation is in Hyrule Castle, position the enemy Fox/Falco on the pillar seperating the map. The ally Fox/Falco should be on the ledge to the left of the enemy on the other side of the gap where the arena goes to the lower level. Peach must obtain the beam cannon and glitch it to have infinite ammo. (Which is another fun glitch in itself. It will not be explained here). Peach then must shoot the beam cannon through her ally and at the opponent. Both Fox/Falco's should be using their reflective shields to bounce the beam cannon shots back and forth between the two of them. If done correctly, the beam shots with begin to collide with each other, creating little cancelling explosions. All three players should play around with their position until they are able to get almost all the area between the Fox/Falco's to have these cancellations. This is where you may need a fourth player. He or she must fall down through the path of the shots to off-set the cancellations to create an even set of shots colliding with each other. If there is no fourth player, then simply wait for some item box to fall down in your path. If you are patient enough, eventually the path of cancellations with completely fill up, creating a very complicating glitch that temperarily slows the game down. Once this is done, the Fox/Falco's are frozen still.

This is where Peach will finish the glitch. She must go underneath the cancellation path and begin to throw her raddishes up at the path. They will lodge into the path. Throw as many as possible, creating a very condense ball of raddishes. After you are done, walk Peach back around the arena so she is positioned above the path. She will then need to fall through. This will break the path, but leave the ball of raddishes behind, floating in mid-air. You have successfully created the glitch, which if anyone on the team against peach jumps into, will freeze there, jump to 999 percent damage, and be shot of the screen

Enjoy the fun of the raddish ball of death!


Haakaa Päälle! said...

I just did this, and made a few observations.

First, you can throw any other items into the turnips and they'll stay there, doing damage to anyone who gets near, including Peach.

Also, if any character does an A attack into the turnips, they'll be stuck there, not receiving damage, but unable to move, and will also do damage to anyone nearby. They can be unstuck if another character hits them.

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