Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Green Bombs?

War is a very touchy thing with me. I was raised pacifist and I have family in the military. And the Iraq War started on my birthday. So hearing about bombs doesn't always make me excited but this report just tweaked my interest.

The Russians claim that they have developed the most powerful vacuum bomb. They call it the "Father of all bombs" (Thanks EURSOC!) Now, if you are wondering, a vacuum bomb is a bomb that first releases a cloud of fuel into the oxygen rich air and then ignites it. (Thanks The Free Dictionary!)

Of course, when I first looked at the article, that wasn't what I was focused on. Russia claims that they have made an environmentally friendly bomb. The first thing I think is how can a bomb be environmentally friendly? All last summer, as I have alluded to in earlier posts, I worked at the EPA in the Air department. Fuel and air isn't a good thing, even if it is ignited and burned out of the air. That just makes another problem, CO2. We don't need more of that in the air. And I don’t even take into account all the green and growing things on the ground that get killed by the blast.

But, if you think about it in terms of nuclear bombs, I see that he has a point.

My stance is firm, though. Bombs are bombs and all bombs are bad. They only help us kill each other and destroy the environment. Maybe Russia should spend more time solving world hunger instead of finding new ways to kill people.

Thanks also RIA”>RIA and Brisbane Times

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M. Simon said...

The man with no gun is at the mercy of the man who does.

Just remember - the peacemongers had their way in the 30s and out of that we got the 40s.

Sad. But that is the way the world really works.

What you want is similar to what the Soviets wanted to make their system work. The New Socialist Man. Unfortunately they were stuck with the old model. So are we.