Friday, September 28, 2007

Who's the Best of the Best

The Endless Battle of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo

So which one is it? What system is better than all the others? Which one has the best graphics? More memory? Faster processor? Better games? Most innovating? Most for its buck? These questions are always floating around both kids and adults alike dispute on which of the three newest systems are the best: The Microsoft XBOX, the Nintendo Wii, or the Sony Playstation.

Well first off is the 360. What does it have to offer? It has a 500Mhz RAM, making it much faster than the Wii and matches the PS3. It can hold a lot of memory, up to 20 GB. It doesn't have motion-sensored controllers, but can hold up to 8 wireless controllers. They aren't too badly priced, ranging from 250 to 400 dollars. (Sourced from They have classic game series like Halo...and Halo. They have many games that are universal to the PS3 as well. What not too like?

Next wii can look at the Wii. (Ha ha, get it?)((That wasn't funny man!)) Anyways, the Wii is definitely the worst when looking at hardware and software specs. It only has 88Mhz of RAM, its running power for wired Internet connection and CPU usage are multiply times smaller than both the PS3 and XBOX. It does offer wireless controllers with motion sensors and an innovating 3-axis rotation and 3-axis position controllers, letting the user move around the screen with pointers or cross-hairs. They come to be around 245 dollars. (Again from Games consist of classic and new Nintendo themed games. Overall, it's a new type of system, but doesn't have the same power and graphics as the other two.

The PS3 is very similar to the XBOX when looking at its capabilities. It has a 512Mhz RAM bandwidth, just as the XBOX, it has the same memory capabilities and graphics as well. It is a little more pricey, ranging from 460 to 620 dollars. ( It doesn't have a rumble feature in the controllers, but can have up to 8 wireless playing and has 3-axis features close to those of the Wii.

So there is as best of a summary of the three systems as I can. Some of the data may be out of date, and I failed to mention every advantage and disadvantage of the systems, but that is a quick and hopefully un-bais run down of the video games. As for my analysis, I do find the Wii to lack certain qualities that the other two have, but I love the games and the ideas they have for the new 3-axis controller. The PS3 definitely has some fine graphics, and it can certainly process the gameplay quickly, showing little to no lag. But I don't have 600 in my pocket to just go on the latter speculations. As for the XBOX, I would put that as my close but still number one. I am a Halo fan, so I obviously have a certain bais, but the graphics are more than enough for me, and it runs beautifully, even with the most complex games. So there you have it. Now to you hardcore gamers out there, how do these systems size up in your minds?

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Sorry everyone for the false price range for the Wii. It isn't anywhere close to 400 bucks, only 245. Sorry for the confusion.


Nox said...

Umm, unless I have really bad memory I think the Wii is only priced at 245 or so instead of 420 ><. Not to shoot you down or anything, its just that that's a big difference especially when one of Nintendo's goals has been to make its systems more affordable to every family.

bucket of calculators said...

Yea, I'll be honest with you my source I found seemed very inaccurate in terms of their price ranges, I'll be sure to go back and change that. Thanks Nox.