Saturday, September 29, 2007

Halo 3: Third Time's A Charm

Many people say the very famous qoute "Third time's a charm." I believe Microsoft, with Halo 3, has made this quote come true.

Halo 3 is the best game of the Halo trilogy, without a doubt. It combines all of the best aspects of Halo 1 and Halo 2 into a single game, and then it adds even more. And then a little more after that.

One are that Halo 3 has improved on, has been the vehicles that are available to you, in the campaign as well as online multiplayer. One of these vehicles, as well as my personal favorite new vehicle is the Elephant (pictured below). It is a troop transport. It may be slower than other vehicles, but if you have it packed with people that know what they are doing, then you can be practically invincible.

Halo 3 has added multiple new weapons, that really re-define the way the game is played. There is no longer one weapon that everyone wants and tries to get. There are multiple weapons that are extremely strong. One of thes weapons is the Anti-Vehicle Model 6 Grindell (pictured below). This is basically a gigantic laser that has the power to kill your player in one hit. This is just one of many new weapons that can kill you in one or a few hits. Not to mention the vintage assault rifle way back from Halo 1. I know I sure am excited to see that back in the weapons lineup. Plus this can lead to a wicked combination of the assault rifle and the battle rifle. Here you have your shorter ranged weapon, and a longer ranged weapon, both of which can do a lot of damage to opponents.

This adds a completely new aspect to online gaming, which, for some is the main reason they would buy Halo 3. The change from Halo 2 online to Halo 3 online is absolutely magnificent. Halo 2 was basically a race to get the strongest weapon, or possibly weapons which consisted at most 4 weapons on the map, or playing area. Halo 3, however has over ten new weapons, including the gun turrets that you can now pick up and carry around. To me, this equals the playing field for all the people in the room, and brings it down to a matter of pure skill. This makes it less likely for someone that sucks at Halo to win in an online game.

Halo 3 also added some new online features to campaign. Yes, you use to be able to play the campaign with two players online. This was great, if you wanted to play with someone else, but did not have anyone close enough to play on the same xbox with. So, how could Halo 3 improve on this brilliant idea for the campaign play. Of course, Halo 3 does. It adds two more players to the online campaign. Yes. That is up to four players can now play the online campaign. However, Bungie keeps expanding the online play of Halo 3 even more. And yet, Bungie expands the online play for Halo 3 even more. The online play now has online scoring, which basically gives you points for the things you do throughout the game, and keeps track of your total number of points. This serves as a way to compare yourself to other gamers that have also played the online campaign.

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