Saturday, September 29, 2007

Smart Kitchens, Part 3 of 3, Technology in today's kitchens

Technology, as I have said before, is becoming a part of every day life. I won't leave the house without my cellphone and I almost go into withdrawal if I don't get on the internet at least once a day.

The kitchen is a prime place for technology too. We all spend time there and it's usually a great place to be. We have adapted our kitchen to make it fit our lifestyle better. Now it is almost standard to have a TV that folds down from the cabinets and it is a dream of inventors to get the entire kitchen wired to the internet.

But is this good for us? I know this is contradictory but we spend so much of our lives disconnected from the real world and plugged into Cyberspace. For a long time, the kitchen was a place to get away from TV, internet, music and everything and just be with people. I fear that this place will be corrupted to.

Not that I am saying that it's bad to have technology. It is very useful. But we need moderation. The whole smart kitchen thing reminds me of a popular movie from a while ago called Stepford Wives. The women were all high tech and had high tech homes too. I don't think it really worked out for them though.

All in all, I'm saying that we could use a little help when it comes to keeping up with things like groceries. But if all this technology makes us lazy, we need to get rid of it.

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