Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Tribute Continued

I have decided, in light of recent events, to add on to my tribute to the space race. Except this time, I will write in tribute of those who ended it.

Today, Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, was honored at Purdue. He came to Purdue to help dedicate the new building, named Armstrong of course. He also went to the homecoming football game to cheer on his alma mater.

60 years ago, before he made those world changing steps on the moon, Armstrong was an engineering student at Purdue. At the dedication ceremony, he reminisced about how Purdue was when he first started his studies which shows just how far Purdue has come. The new building is decorated with many things from and relating to the space race, like the replica of the failed Apollo mission craft that blew up on the launchpad and a statue of Armstrong as a student. It also houses a small sample of moon rock.

Because of the discoveries people made back then and what people like Armstrong did, I now fully believe that we really can do anything we want to. I think that we could go to Mars and beyond because people back then believed wholeheartedly they weren't bound to the Earth. I feel more inspired to pursue my dreams every time I am reminded of what those first astronauts faced and what they did. For their contributions, I thank them for the world we have today.

Armstrong also took the time to say a few words at the game and waved his flag. I was there and that we really awesome to see.

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Bloger said...

I have yet to go inside of the new buildig but watching them build it has been interesting, from a gigantic hole in the ground to the giant structure it is today. I think that every one can agree that if anyone deserved a building named after them it was Neil Armstrong.

fake4444 said...

I went to the ceremony and game. Seeing Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan arm and arm waving was probaly one of the most symbolic things I have ever seen. I also liked how in the speeches, neither of them mention really, anything within the past 20-30 years. They talked like Nixon and Kennedy were still in office and it gave a really cool feeling becuase I know Armstrong is a very reclusive person now for obvious reasons. On of the other 12 astronauts there was announced as waiting to return to space, that's insane if you think about it. 14 Astronauts with one returning to space still in one place. I believe it was Cernan who made the joke about modern technology saying, "you folks have more technologically advanced instruments in your hands than Neil did to land on the moon." I realized immediately I would never see that again, and probaly Armstrong as well. Seeing all these people who pretty much represent the American hero for the past century gave me this retro feel that I will never forget.