Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kingdom Hearts 2

So some may say this is an overly talked about game, but I recently picked it back up again and have been on a playing spree.

So as many of you know, Kingdom Hearts is a weird mix of Disney, Final Fantasy, and a few original characters. The worlds you visit are mostly more Disney story worlds along with one or two original places to start and end the game.

Your party consists of an original character, Sora, and the famous Disney characters Donald and Goofy. Sora wields a sword-like weapon called the Keyblade, which not only provides Sora with great power, but has the ability to lock or unlock any lock. In the second game Sora has grown up a bit and gains some new abilities. These abilities are known as forms which Sora can transform into for a certain amount of time. Each of these forms boost a certain aspect such as strength, magic, or later in the game both. The more each form is used, the stronger it becomes. Certain abilities also allow you to stay in form for longer which makes you all the more powerful.

At times the story in Kingdom Hearts 2 can get annoying. One place from the first game, Atlantica, is stripped down to nothing but rhythm based minigames that don't add much to the story. Also the cut scenes in which Sora locks off each world from the inflow of heartless is overly dramatic and lasts far too long. In addition, the first part of the game is long, drawn out, and aggravating even to a new time player.

Other than cheesy dialog, the gameplay itself is addicting, fast-paced, and flexible, letting you customize Sora to your own style of gameplay.


Gogol said...

You did play the first game right? Where the spells actually mattered?

KH2 looks nice, but the game play is all button mashing. With the original each boss/enemy had to be dealt with different tactics. KH2 added that reaction command thing, but it's no where as effective as the standard attack. Enemies go down so easily too. Also, the story is a pretentious, convoluted mess. You don't even get to play as Sora until what an hour or so.

I still enjoyed it, but I was always reminded how much better the first one was. How does it compare for you?

Lucy in the Sky said...

Oh man, I have Kingdom Hearts...the first one of course. It is quite addicting and to me, difficult. I can get past the place where I'm at and I haven't played it in a long time out of frustration. I hope that the second one is as fun as the first one but before I can even think about buying it, I need to beat the second one!

bucket of calculators said...

I have both the first and second installment of the kingdom heart series, and I love both of them. Like Gogol said, the first is much better in most aspects. But you can't beat the second one with the multiple transformations and the epic battle of where you must face Sephiroth after his victory over Cloud. He was so hard and it took a long time to ever gain enough strength to even stand a chance. He was so fast and dominating. The only time I beat him I was in a rhythm of constant attacking, dodging, and healing. Did you ever get around to facing off with him? If so was he difficult for you to overcome as well? Back to the transformations, I really liked the red suited one even though it wasn't the best with his dual wielding swords to deal mass amounts of damage. The final form, which I never earned but my siblings did is quite impressive, demolishing everything in its path. I love the characters and areas of play in both games. One area in the second I didn't like was the Pirates of the Caribbean, for the reason that the characters voices were original. That area also got annoying when you couldn't defeat any of the ghosts when they ran into the shadows. I was too impatient to wait for them to come out. The first one had a lot of fun areas. Tarzan's area and definitely the full version of the little mermaid was nice, a little hard to control but very cool. The Lion King area was also fun, which I believe was in the second Kingdom Hearts. Trying to defeat that large island thing was fun. But overall, they are both awesome games. I took Disney and made it cooler for young teenagers and even us nerdy young adults! I really want the third one now. I saw the little trailer teasers for it and I am really anxious to see what it is. Does anyone know if it is already out or when it will be? It sucks though because in order to play it I would have to spend 500 some odd dollars for the PS3 or whatever the price is up to now, and that's not worth one game. Someone tell me how it goes.....