Saturday, October 27, 2007

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

Ever wished you could go head to head with Slash? Ever wanted to mess up your friend as you two face off without him getting pissed? Well now you can!

Guitar Hero 3 is all that you've come to love from the first two games plus a whole lot of new material. Besides the new songs there are a few new features:

First there is the new battle play mode gives multiplayer a whole new depth. In this mode you don't build up star power like your normally would. Instead you get "items" that will mess up your opponent in various ways. For example you can nail your enemy with a move that "jumps" their hand off the frets and makes your opponent miss all their notes for a short time. Another, more vicious move breaks one of your opponents strings. To fix it the other player has to tap the button of the broken string repeatedly and all the while notes keep on coming.

Another new feature is the boss battles in career mode. In these boss battles you go up against a well-known musician or band in the aforementioned battle mode. For example one well publicized boss battle is against Slash. After some boss battles you get special rewards such as the chance to use Slash as a playable character.

Along with these new modes, a whole slew of new bands, classic songs, and challenging gameplay await. I personally can't wait for its release this Sunday October 28.

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fake4444 said...

Ahhhh I haven't gotten it yet. I might buy it this weekend. The track list alone is awesome, plus Guitar Hero is like the ultimate boredom thing to do with friends.