Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Group Mission Statement

Through the past century up to recent decades, the world has been changing and demanding the technological world to change as well. Countries such as America have been growing rapidly, thus requiring new innovations of technology. These innovations started with the first bulky computers, used by major corporations, that took up a lot of space; and have now become a personal aspect of everyday life, that the majority of civilians own. These personal computers have been developed with many advancements, such as the Internet, which has become a necessity in every one's daily routine. As technology grows and develops, we desire to look at both the future and the past. We use this information to help us understand technology and the capabilities it holds in our society. Looking at future developments we can look at its historical past to understand its uses and abilities. Updates on modern events and technological gadgets will be discussed and reviewed. Technology affects us in some level, from small homes to giant corporations, except some Amish communities. Most careers now demand a person to have the ability and capability to use some type of technology; be it, turning on a light while walking into their office, or using fiber optic cables to increase the speed of communications. The use of computers is used to moniter and operate many tools, even on farms, where they used GPS to make sure they put fertilizer in the same place they put the seed. As well as in hospitals, where computers are used to moniter a person's heart rate. As technological devices become faster, creators are able to make these devices easier for the user by looking at how they can better past-generation models. All in all, technology is beneficial to everyone, and we wish to document its importance.

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