Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Curiosity's Mission Statement

Today's world is moving faster and faster. A person can talk to someone half way around the world instantly. Today's business is carried out over the Internet, and files are transfered faster than they had ever been before. Even transportation is quicker. In this high paced world, things go obsolete two years after they are bought as new and maybe improved technology changes the old. So how can we keep up?

This is where I hope I can help. In my blog, I will find whats new and exciting out there and report on it. I will research everything from new ways things are used, like GPS units for farmers, to new things, like the iPhone, to future innovations and write about how cool and useful or lame and useless it is. Then I will open the floor to you and see if you feel the same way.

Technology is important to us all. We use it every day from the moment we wake up with our new alarm clock to the time we finish up on AIM and go to sleep. It has opened doors that people didn't even know existed a hundred years ago. With new technologies, we can increase crop yield to help end hunger and clean water for third world countries. We can bring education to everyone. It important to know about what's new and what's coming out so that we can help.

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