Friday, November 2, 2007

Virtual Boy

Old School going New School?

I love sucking my brain into a small red screen! Who remembers the Virtual Boy? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you are very lost right now. There was once an old video game system made by Nintendo called the Virtual Boy, which was a funny looking red box that you would view a small screen that was located in what looked like binoculars. Basically it was an old school system that had a 3-D format that took 2-D images and game play and layered, like in Mario Tennis having both sides of the court shown with the ball coming from the background to the foreground in 2-D. Some of the best games that used this 3-D imaging for the Virtual Boy was Wario Adventures, Mario Tennis, and Red Alert (By far the greatest game ever!)

As I thought back with nostalgia, I thought of how the system really mimicked the old Sci Fi's thought of the futuristic virtual reality game systems, where you have goofy looking gloves and a head set on to move around in a game, as if you are really there. With the technological advances of today and the gaming industry always expanding exponentially, I could see this unrealistic prediction of a head set and gloves or controller to happen in the near future for children of all ages. With similar looks at arcade games such as the classic turret game, where you have to defend your turret against airborn and seaborn attacks of foot soldiers and military jets. This makes you have to circle in a 360 playing field to attack and play. Using this concept with the new motion-sensored and 3 axis sensored controllers of the Wii, the Virtula Reality gaming system could really come true. Then kids could walk around in the first person and really be in the game, acting out every action for their character. The system could be viewed just like the old Virtual Boy, sticking your head in that pair of viewing goggles and becoming one with the games you play. Who knows what the future holds for the gaming world. As long as I have my Virtual Boy, I can wait for the next newest thing.

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Gogol said...

My eyes start to hurt whenever Virtual Boy is mentioned.