Friday, November 2, 2007

Good Game Ideas: Too Good To Last?

I was exposed to video games at a very early age. My interest sparked with the more games I played, and with the wide variety of experience I started seeing ingenious ideas in video games every once in a while. Sometimes it was more than a long while though, because every game isn't made perfectly.

Through my years of gaming, I have noticed two games with ingenious ideas. The first one is EA Sports March Madness 2001 for PlayStation. This was one of the March Madness games before March Madness was referred to as a well developed video game. However, the ingenious idea wasn't in how well the video game was designed. The ingenious idea was in the dynasty mode, where you can choose your team, and coach them to championships. However, unlike the games being released recently, March Madness 2001 makes you start off with a 1 star team, and work your way up to having a dynasty. One question to think about is why this wasn't popular enough to be in every game EA Sports makes.

The second one is SRS: Street Racing Syndicate for xbox. There have been many racing games developed for xbox. So, what makes Street Racing Syndicate so unique? Street Racing Syndicate isn't one of the ordinary unrealistic racing games. This is one of the few, if not only games that makes you repair your car if you wreck it. It still has many customization options seen on very popular games as well. Once again, why does a game like this not get noticed for the ingenious design it has.

The reason these ideas never last with games like these is very simple. The majority of people who buy games, do so because they get bored, and believe playing video games are fun. This also goes along with the fact that people are becoming more lazy and settle for mediocrity. Others, like myself, who buy a video game to compete with others, like such features that force you to at least start with a not so good team. So, there is some competition for the player if they are just playing the CPU.

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