Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fable: Cont'd

Soooo last time I talked about the game Fable itself. Well now I'd like to touch upon the hours upon hours I have spent hating either Microsoft or my laptop manufacturer.

Fable is a game that debuted on the computer near the end of Windows XP, and is very much suited for that operating system. However when I brought the game over to my newer Vista-running laptop, I was met with the strangest problem. At a certain point in the game, the screen would go black. However the game didn't freeze because I can hear the audio in the backround. I even messed with a few buttons and figured out the controls worked just fine, its just that none of it was displaying, at all...

So I delved through forum after forum. I wasn't alone. Many people just blamed it on Vista, saying there was some bug that prevented Fable from running. However after updating my drivers several times over and pouring through more posts, one poster pointed out that it was likely the built in graphics card. You see the card I have isn't supported by the manufacturer, and thus it is up to my laptop manufacturer to provide me with all my video card drivers.... =(

My solution thus far has been to run the game whenever I get to go home on my old PC that my family uses. There it works fine and I've enjoyed much of the game that way. However I'm still working on this damned problem and hopefully installing a modded driver or something of that sort will fix it.

If you have any suggestions I'd love you forever, otherwise thanks for listening to my bitching about a video game related headache.

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