Monday, September 10, 2007

[Press Start]

I love video games. Games are meant to be fun. What sense is there in spending money and time on something you don't enjoy? I know what you're thinking, "I pay to go to school and I don't enjoy it," (if you didn't think that, I envy you). Yes, I'm sure that's true, but this blog is about video games, not school. And don't bring up video game reviewers, at least they're being paid to hate a game. But anyway, people will play a video game because its fun. So that's what I will talk about. The video games I love and the reasons I love them.

I won't limit myself just to video games though. I'll also touch upon the systems we play on, be they console or PC (or for some even a Mac). In addition, I'm always happy to go into more depth about any of the games I own and play regarding my own strategies, %completion, secret areas, cheats, etc.

However, I do have one little disclaimer. Most of my life has been spent with only Nintendo systems. Because of this I will probably sound biased towards Nintendo and the games I talk about will more than likely have been released on a Nintendo system. However, whenever possible I expose myself to games on the other systems and more recently to a few titles on the PC. With this said, I will try to include as much variety as I can when it comes to the games I discuss.

All in all, I want to have as much fun with this blog as I do playing the games I talk about.

NOTE: Nox isn't just something I made up. The name Nox means "night."


Gogol said...

I'm sure readers would find that Nintendo bias pretty quickly, but it's still a good sign when you come out with it on your first post. I'm a SEGA fanboy mourning over the official death of the Dreamcast...sigh...

Anyway, I have a few questions. Are you planning to go over older games? I mean I don't expect any Odyssey 2 reviews, but some Genesis, SNES, MS, etc. would be nice. Hopefully you have one of those systems (I'm not counting the Virtual Console as an option)

Also, could you try not to resort to those gaming lists any twelve year old can make, with GTA taking the four top spots of BEST RPG EVA by: cloud1995? They're all over Gamespot, IGN, 1up, and any other gaming site you might go to. Myself, I like any gaming humor like and (DO A BARREL ROLL, Sonic gives advice on...), or personal game tales. Anything trumping the N64 kid would be great.

Nox said...

Yes I plan to go over older games. I have all versions of the GameBoy and Nintendo systems dating back to the SNES.

And trust me I avoid lowing my standards to that of a 12 year old.