Monday, September 10, 2007

College Foreign Language : Computer Programming

I thought I was done with all my foreign language learning after I tested out of German. Hooray!

But oh was I wrong..........

I came into college actually having to learn, not just one, but multiple computer programming languages. Did I like this? Well no, considering I can barely get passed Google's© homepage without running into a brick "firewall" or a error telling me, "Error: You are retarded Restart the computer and try again". Everyone of my classes have had multiple homepages and email accounts and homework pages, etc, etc. I can't keep track.

I miss the days back at home when the only things I would have to go into was
and solitaire and listen to iTunes. I am slowly getting used to it, but I am so naive to all of these networks and directories bigger than my own personal computer's hard drive. My father is good on the computers, being a experienced computer programmer and computer engineer. But I don't have him being 500 miles away from him. So now everytime I mess up something on the computer, I go into panic mode.

So what is the point to all my rambling you ask? Well as you can see, technology, and for this lovely blog specifically, computers, are very complex and more than just piles of metal pieced together to look like a shiny box. There is more to it then what you see. And with the use of the Internet now, people, ordinary Joe Smiths off the street, can access and create virtually anything they want, if they know what they are doing. This Joe here does not know, so he is not quite up to that level of god-like powers....Yet! Eventually I will get there. There are so many opportunities available with what seems like a simple device. They are user-friendly, helpful, efficient, and fun once you get the hang of it. So I recommend taking some courses of computer programming in high school or college, because it will help you in the real corporate world and even in the comfort of your own home. And if you don't think you able to do it, remember what your German teacher told you: "Ihr Gehirn ist kaputt!!!"

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