Friday, November 9, 2007

Guitar Hero III

Bringing Back the Old and Mixing in the New

So I know someone has already posted about Guitar Hero III, but I am not here to ask who wants to go head-to-head with Slash or anything. I am not here to give you a review of the game. I am simply here to discuss, if you will, the publicity that the artists get from having there music on such a popular game. Not only does it let old school rockers reminisce on some old school tunes, but it broadens their horizons to the new and up coming bands. All three of the Guitar Hero installments have new songs from the garage bands and indy bands alike, trying to get a name for themselves. Having their song come after Bark at the Moon or More Than a Feeling really makes them look good. I know when I played Guitar Hero I and saw Freezepop for the first time, I was like, "WTF, who are they?" After you hear them, you can't help but love them. My friends actually went and saw them in concert just after Guitar Hero came out. Now who saws that Guitar Hero doesn't sell? It helps all bands just like Freezepop gain popularity and some name recognition goes a long way.

Who can't forget some of the best classics that they brought into the 3 Guitar Hero games. Some of my favorites are Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Group, Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas, Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, School's Out by Alice Cooper, and Cities on Flame and Rock and Roll by Blue Oyster Cult.

Overall, I love the games. I'm not that great on them just yet, still have to play on a Medium and Hard difficulty, but it is fun and exciting and the music is the best picked. Rock on!

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Anonymous said...

It's an interesting point you make about getting the artist's names out. I played the 3rd game for the first time the other day (having never played the other two) and was really suprised to see a guitarist by the name of Eric Johnson on there. Playing guitar myself, I've known about him as a guitarist, as he's pretty incredible and has won some grammies, but I never thought I'd see him on something as popular as an XBox game.

As someone who loves finding new music, especially music with great guitar, I'm really excited to see what other music is on this new game, as well as the past two if you say they have similar new artists.

Gogol said...

I think the series is good but a tad overrated. Maybe I'm attached to the other big music game DDR. The background never has anything too interesting or different. Obviously you have to focus on the notes but they could spruce it up a bit. Also I don't care for the majority of the songs. I know DDR is far worse but if you have to play them they're at most a minute and a half. With the "eh" songs of Guitar Hero I have to play them longer than I'd like.

Again I'm just nitpicking. They aren't bad games in the least.

bucket of calculators said...

I do agree with you on some level gogol about the length of the songs. You can only play smoke on the water so many times before you get sick of the chorus and your hand gets tired.