Friday, October 5, 2007

Technological Concerns of Today

Technology is growing at an exponential rate, and everyone is benefiting from its expansion. But technology is a double edged sword. Here are a few concerns that many businesses have about the growth of technology in the corporate world.

One main problem that companies are worried about is the security of their information. As technology allows for more data and personal information to be stored on large wireless databases and held in large mainframes, the information is in threat of being stolen from unwanted hackers or internal traitors. Some of the solution are intrusion protection and awareness, firewalls, wireless security systems and strategies, password management, and data encryption.

Another issue that is surrounding new technologies is training and technological competency. Technology is growing a such a fast rate, even the skills you learned 5 to 10 years ago can become outdated. Even if you are up to speed on new methods used to solve problems, you will need to continue to be trained for what is to come out next.

Businesses are also concerned with the issue of disaster planning. If a company were to undergo any kind of theft, virus corruption, accidents, natural disasters, or destruction, they would want to be able to keep their business running. This is why a continual plan is made to keep the company running even when it is down.

Similar to security, privacy is a main concern for big business. More and more credit card, social security, addresses, and cell and home phone numbers are being stored electronically. A company must insure their employees that their information is not being viewed without their permission and is not being accessed by unwanted users.

Authentication Technologies fall into the same concern category as the latter point made. Corporations want to make sure that only their employees are using their systems and databases, and that someone isn't stealing employee' identities. New technologies to prevent such a problem are biometrics, bar codes, magnetic strips, digital certificates and authorization.

Another concern is trying to convert all paper documents into digital files and data. It is easier to store, edit, copy, move, and work with files if they are kept on electronics.

Spyware has been advancing just as fast as the spyware detectors. But the fight to make a faster and more efficient spyware detector and remover is always a challenge but important goal for companies.

All in all, technology is a never ending battle for corporations to make the next best electronic system while trying to stay ahead of the viruses and hackers' technology as to not be overran and corrupted.

* This article was posted before it was completed, sorry for the confusion*

Sources: MSB Systems Inc

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