Thursday, October 4, 2007

Humanity will be assimilated and we will embrace it

It started hundreds of years ago with glasses, and as with most things it didn't take off quickly.

A few centuries later, there were pocket watches. Eventually the pocket watches turned into wristwatches and soon the glasses turned into contacts. In the 1970's hand-held calculators came. And in a decade, hand-held games and music players. Another decade and then there were cell phones. And then: PDAs, headsets, iPods and now we have cell phones that can do all of those things.

As technology gets cheaper and smaller, it gets more wearable, and the more wearable it is, the more it will be worn. And the more technology that is worn, the closer we become to cyborgs like Star Trek's Borg.

And unlike in Star Trek, we're not going to resist becoming Borg. We'll like it.

But I don't think that's a bad thing. Yeah, we'll become more dependent on that technology, but we're already completely dependent on our technology now (wonderfully demonstrated by the TV series Connections and the book Dies The Fire). At least with more advanced technology, there's a reasonable expectation that the technology will be more useful and more reliable.

And really: it's convenient. I can see properly. I can listen to music wherever I am. I can call my friends and family regardless of where either of us are. I can even add, subtract, multiply and divide with my wrist. Who wouldn't want that?

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